Tuesday, May 19, 2009

- eggcellent fernie quinn - first egg - sweet baby -

hooray for fernie quinn - she has layed her first eggs.

she must have layed the first one yesterday late afternoon while i was at work. i did not return home until early am (late work week) so i woke to find two tiny brown eggs in the nest along with all the other gifted beauties from the chickenchicas.

i'm such a sucker for these firsts - they just do not get old.

ellabella is up next - could be any day now

* fernie is pictured in the front while sister ellabella hangs in the back *


zippy said...

yep fernie rocks

just wish it would quite snowing and let summer wander in.

keep 'em comin'

shellywoman said...

i love fernie's coloring - flecked snow on the rocky mountain tops