Tuesday, May 26, 2009

cover to cover - homesteading library suggestions

it might be today - it might be in three or four days - but by hook or by crook i will soon be pulling my homesteading books off the shelf for their annual cover to cover reading. and i do read them cover to cover - each and every year.


because when you are really making efforts to homestead be it on a large or small scale, you quickly discover that there is always something more to learn. you learn you must pick your projects for the week, season and/or year and settle for dreaming about the rest. the good news is that i have found the dreaming to be an excellent source of planning and prepping for future endeavors. sometimes the "not being able to do it right just yet" makes it all the better for the when you are able to make it happen.

what am i dreaming about lately?
  • building my own fence
  • arbors for hops and roses
  • an expanded chicken run and supercoop
  • a cob oven for outdoor wood fired pizza
  • a roof for the meatie run - bird netting with a tarped section to protect feed from rain
  • more efficient watering methods for the creatures and the garden
  • semi- permanent trellis systems for the garden
  • building an outdoor - easy to assemble & disassemble - eating table that might seat twenty or so good pals
  • expanding the laundry lines to multiple lines rather than just one
  • compost compost compost
  • continue to build a sustainable urban homesteading environment good for all local and visiting creatures
  • oh yeah - paint the house - that's a big one
that's my short list folks

for now there is still work to do - but i dream everyday about the first cracking open of the journals and books that i keep and the new discovery, the deeper understanding and the ohhhh that would be cool readings.

look for good homesteading resources?

a good number of my books sit on my shelf
here is a list of the ones i grab first
and if you have not yet, read

here are a few more of my search lists -
- got any suggestions - send them my way -

note - i am not interested in fad - i spend a lot of money to look green - books. i am interested those that cut tot he chase and teach the simple though not always easy true lessons, skills and ways of thinking that better practices of simple country - even if you are in an urban environment - living.


zippy said...

all the foxfire books.

from chimneys to butchering hogs, they rock.

shellywoman said...

yes of course! i'll add them to the list. thank you.