Tuesday, May 26, 2009

cooolio - lucky hippychick lucky me!

no freakin' way
brad lancaster is coming to austintown - this weekend for a design-build-live sponsored workshop - of which i am a member -

rock on!

i got my ticket.

i tried to catch this fellow the last time i was in arizona to no avail - he was on the road - educating other folk - i'm so glad he's here
i'm ready for the rainwater harvesting/greywater harvesting mentor to share his wisdom with little me.

sustianable schooling is good!

check out deisgn build live .
if you are an austintown or near austintown folk seriously interested in homesteading, sustainable, natural building efforts, you might like to join. there are regular workshops and meetings led by an array of talented knowledge filled folk.


Christina said...

Thank you for this! I live in dry CA and am not familiar with Brad Lancaster. I just checked my local library's website and found that they have both books and his DVD as well.

shellywoman said...

you are welcome! i have not seen the dvd - let me know what you find.

Christina said...

Finally watched the DVD. He was here in Sept of last year and his talk was recorded and placed in our local library. So I got to hear his talk after all (and see some familiar faces in the audience). Good stuff! I'm reading his first book now.