Sunday, May 31, 2009

chickenypoo in the garden ooooh!

i woke this morning pondering this - i thought
it's time to clean out the coops but before i clean out coops i need to take the already composted poops and place them on the garden - this is the time of year when our gardens really need a boost - right before the long hot heat comes
then i got up and that's exactly what i did - well almost -
  • i first visited the gardens and trimmed up a good garden cart full of chard and greens and herby lovlies for the creatures - everybody was happy for the treats
  • i did not get all the coops cleaned out - two of the four are set and ready - two more for later
  • there was not quite enough already composted poops in the two piles to cover all gardens so i had to make choices
  • the tomatoe, cucumber, eggplant and bare soil areas got the high octane composted goodness
  • other bits of the garden got chopped up leaves - still good cover, munchies for worms and helps to keep the soil moist and cool on hot days
i may ask groovy neighbor for a borrowing favor - he's got a great chipper/shredder/chopper. it takes rough composty stuff and makes it fine and fluffy. the fine and fluffy is great for speeding up the composting process and great for keeping good stuffs from matting together in the active pile. i'll be seeing him later today - we'll see.

believe it or not - it's fall planting time here in texas - time to plant more maters, beans, summer and winter squash, eggplant, okra, corn, cucumbers, black eyed peas and lima beans. i've got my black eyed peas ready to go but may wait another week before setting them in.

so i put in
  • bush beans
  • pole beans
  • okra
  • malabar spinach
  • zuccini squash
  • basil three kinds
  • pineapple sage
  • bee balm
  • papaya
i put up another length of vine support for the beans and spinach to climb. i've run short of both vertical supports and trellis netting so i'll have to come up with some ingenious idea in order to finish the job.

the last morning task was to start building up my sponge layer (organic materials) in the dry/hard area of the yard. it is the spot where water collects when it rains. it is also the first spot to dry hard when it is dry - hard to cracking point hard - clay, gotta love it.

so far i've piled up a good 6" of
  • chopped leaves
  • partially composted organic goodies
  • pulled weeds
  • trimmed off branches
  • grass clippings
i had enough to get about half way around the area - i'll just keep adding stuffs to it as i clean up the yard and as materials become available either collected at home or picked up on the side of the road which helps to keep good organic bits out of the land fill. my goal is to go without the big truckload of compost this year. i think i can - i have so far and now would be the time but i think we are good.

less and less - while at home we do more and more on our own
that is the key
time to visit with some folk


Robert Ede said...

Hello Chick, your gardens are looking good. My greens are taking off. The deer did a number on my tomatoes, but I think they will survive and with a little luck everything should be poking through the ground in no time.

Envious of your chard. Like the way you staked your tomatoes. You have a good looking farm there.

All the best. Stay cool in the Texas sun.

shellywoman said...

oh mr. ede - please send your good writing carma my way. i struggle now to finish, to edit, to complete an article due tomorrow.

odd that when one (myself in this case) is asked to write, all wit disappears. or possibly this is just me.

the page is no longer blank. i am half way there or so i like to fool myself in thinking so.

you on the other hand swim through breathing smoothly or so it looks.

cheers to you a writer of experience from a humbled daily blatherer.