Sunday, May 17, 2009

building a bee tower take two

the skies are clear, the weather is cool, the sun is slowly breaking through cloud cover which makes for a perfect morning to work the hives.

i have spent the brunt of the morning loading the frames with wired beeswax foundation. there are four supers now ready to go.

i am using an eight frame super. the frame when full of honey is easier to lift because of it's smaller size making it lighter in weight. the physical size of the super is also easier to handle.

the other side of the lighter weight, easier to handle super is that you need to add them more frequently when the bees are really running. smaller super = faster fill.

at the present moment each of my two hives are stacked two supers high.
today i will add two additional supers. in turn i'll load in the queen exlcuder between the lower supers and the upper supers. the queen excluder keeps the queen in the lower supers thus encouraging the bees to use the lower supers for brood (a.k.a. baby bees). the upper supers then become honey supers. the queen is too large to pass through the excluder but the workers are not.

time now to suit up.
i have not yet figured a way to photograph the process. i am a one woman show at least until i can train the chickens or cats to video tape the action.
that will be fun!

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