Thursday, May 21, 2009

aha! this little one's idenity is discovered

another cool good people doin' the sustainable thing site and a fun chickeny happiness discovery. today while searching out - heritage breed salmon faverolle rooster - , i happened upon the grow your own food folk who had a wonderful photo of a salmone faverolle rooster on their site.

the center fellow in this below photo is a salmon faverolle rooster
i was on a hunt for a photo but rather landed on a double happiness. the grow your own food
folk keep a wonderful site. they reside in tasmania (getting coolio-er every moment), are living the good life and keep good record of their process, their offerings and the ways in which they make their own universe grow. in turn, they write informative books for children which is way cool in my book.

their site includes a great kitchen garden section. just check out the tiered set up they have - truly beautiful!
the below photo - a tasmanian devil - not so friendly with the chickens

and their orchards - i could go on and on - look amazing!
do stop by and take a peek.

so, you might be wondering why i am searching for photos of the salmon faverolle rooster?
i'll tell you.
long ago (a whole nine weeks!) when the dark cornish chicks arrived, i noticed on the delivery slip that the hatchery had also inlcuded one rare heritage breed chick (free of charge) in with the group but there was no listing of what type of heritage breed chick it was. so i called the hatchery and asked and they informed me that they do not keep record of such details.
it was a mystery - ohhhh cooool
since that time, i have been using the visual and behavioral clues at hand.
i have probably proved slower than most but here is how it all played out for me.
  • my little creature had five toes - that was the number one clue
  • my little creature was yellow with a single black spot on his/her back
  • my little creature had feathers on his chickeny legs
  • as he grew he took on the color of the dark cornish
  • as he grew his comb developed quickly (must be a rooroo)
  • now he's got a big of muffy beard growing below his chinny chin chin
which proved to be all the information i needed unfamaliar with any five toes cuties

this young man in the top center is a teen-aged salmon faverolle. he will soon be amazingly beautiful and probably a most docile and friendly roo roo according to the research i've found so far.

i do not think he will be leaving the hippychick homestead anytime soon. how do i know so?

a recent fact of note -
i recently had a chat with my neighbors about my hopes to keep a rooroo or two on board to breed new dark cornish babies.

i wanted to make sure the neighbor folk would not mind a morning alarm clock hangin' about. turns out, they love the fellows. life is good in the hippychick universe for me and for the roo roos.

happy day to all!

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Kate said...

Wow, I never knew there were so many kinds of roosters. Wow.

I am glad you found what you were looking for!

Thank you for the great post!