Sunday, April 5, 2009

a welcome day at home

it's been busy around and about the hippychick homestead. baby meatie chicks are beginning to show signs of their teenage color. baby layers are feathering out and roosting side by side each evening sweet things that they are. wabbit wabbit plays spritely each morning and eve. the kitty boys enjoy long naps in sunny locations. the chickenchica's are eating eating eating and laying beautiful eggs which is a sure sign of spring.

the garden is in full grow too. i'll be harvesting salad greens - including my favorites amish deer tongue and oak leaf lettuce. also kale, chard and asain greens today - loads of them. they are bursting! a good bit will be prepped for the freezer as i am having trouble keeping up with eating it all. they'll store well for future soups and quiche mix-ins.

if you are reading and interested in locally grown goods, let me know, i sell my greens. they are tasty! you can find me here at local harvest - hippychick's gardens - stop by anytime and throw me a line to see what's fresh and ready.

on another note, i have got a bevy of squash bugs tearing up my turnip patch. turnips are a favorite of theirs and often used as a catch crop. well i will tell you, i have caught them. they are there in droves but not for looooooooonnnnng. my plan is to knock them into a bucket of soapy water, mix them up and spray them about as a warning sign to others - oh what a meanie am i.

i have got a healthy healthy fifty gallon batch of compost tea ready for the garden as well. i am hoping the cleaning of the buggers and the compost tea will serve a good one two punch. i think it will, it's been a great help in the past. compost tea rocks my friends, if you have never given it a try, i would. my secret to the whole mix... ok i will share with you. i wait for it to brew and just before i spray or feed it to my garden, i process up a good clump of garlic until it's so fine it's liquid. i strain it to remove the clumps and mix it in to my tea. helpful helpful i tell ya!

there is a bit of challenge today - it's windy as heck which makes it tricky to spray. i may have to slow go it with a watering can which i have done many a time. it's slow, it's steady, it's relaxing and it allows one to really take a good look at one's growing babies as one waters. i think that will be the way to go today.

then there is the big pile of bricks out front ready for outlining the new front yard garden beds. and there are the beehives that need painting (yellow if you wonder) to be ready for the bees arriving next week-end - oh my. and the work on the metal shed to prep it for the baby layers move and a small bed of potatoes to be dug up and the mesh that needs placing over the strawberries (so that i might enjoy at least one this season - darn squirrels) and the neighborhood bar-b-q at 2pm today in honor of a friend running for school board. there will be live music of course. it will be fun.the ... get the picture.

oh yes, there is plenty to be doing doing while the wind is blowing blowing.

so time to get my lazy bones dressed, out of doors on chores and tasks. we will enjoy a bit of the warming sun while busy - it is good to be home on this freshy spring day.

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