Friday, April 17, 2009

reset to slow motion

we are blessed with a good bit of rain today. some of it in droves and some softly softly. it's a good thing around here. the gardens were in need of a good natural drenching as were the fruit trees. now all should be happy and smiling for a short while.

i am housed up still ill with cold. this bout has really slowed me down - it's one of those sap your energy reserves bronchial buggers. none the less i remain hopeful that it will pass quickly though the other side of the brain screams - i bloody don't think so! hope - gotta keep it alive.

yesterday and today have been filled with pots of hot tea and naps under a warm blanket to fight off the chills i experience every now and again. i have enjoyed the view out the window and the fresh air streaming in through the screened windows. things are looking mighty green out there. various vivid shades electrify the landscape. today feels cooler for the rain. the humidity actually makes the chest feel heavier so i've closed the porch doors in order to dry the air out a bit.

i've got a single bed of lettuce still good for the eating. the others i've allowed to go to seed so that i might attempt to save the stock for next fall or next year's beds of greens. they were just so darn yummy this year i figured i should try. i've not ever saved lettuce seed before. i have saved the easy stuff - squash, cucumber, melon, coriander and borage. the rest i have not so this proves experimental.

i'm a bit concerned for tomorrow. i am suppose to pick up bees but feeling as i do, i wonder. again... hope. i've not even had the strength to get out and paint the frames, i'm wayyyyyy behind. that's what happens when there is only one of you. i'll figure something out - i always do but for now, it's resting time. i'm so tired just from the coughing.

i don't mean to sound like i'm complaining - not the idea at all - just talking out the present state of the body. come on body, fight! fight! fight! that might be it for now. sorry, the lids are feeling droopy.

take care of your health folk! ain't nothing more important than a healthy body.
a healthy body makes all things possible.

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