Monday, April 6, 2009

temperatures quickly drop

not only is this unusual, it's a bit crazy. we are going down down down to freezing temps tonight. i could hardly believe it. in fact i did not believe it. i figured it was some weather snafu that would be adjusted and apologized for as the day progressed but no no no, this is the real thing. a fact even now i find hard to believe.
once the message sunk in, i got to work. mind you, it took almost until 7pm for the message to penetrate this stubborn skull. i pulled out the tuffbell rowcover and ran out before covering all beds. i pulled out my big supply of natural burlap and ran out before covering all beds. what is going on i wondered, i have always had enough to cover things. ahhhhhhhhh - the expansion - oh my the expansion. and i still had a good 4 beds yet needing cover. i pulled out my bedsheets and walla! all plants now safe and hopefully sound for this dip in night time temps. fingers crossed. still a few little plants here and there needing attention - i turned to hay, piling it loosely but thickly.
guess it's time to update the hippychick garden wish list


zippy said...

yo hippy chick,

love the walkways. and feel for the freeze. in fernie we're hitting 55-60 in the day and 18 or 20 at night. good for making corn snow, but not much else.

still no word of the first bear out of hibernation. i'll let you know. should be soon.

shellywoman said...

hey zip! thank you, i like the walkways too.

55-60 in fernie hey, that's nearly summer! must be nice to soak up some daytime sun. have you got yourself a tan yet? then again you may have one year round considering the reflection off the snow.

is it a yearly event noting the sightings of bear number one? i never thought about that before but i imagine it might be quite exciting.

boy they must be hungry when they arise. the whole idea of hibernation still amazes me. to sleep a season without food, water or activity - a small miracle if you ask me.

keep yourself warm up there and enjoy the sun!