Sunday, April 12, 2009

rainy morning sunshine

there is a warm steady soft raining falling in the hippychick universe this morning.

we are expecting outrageous storms and hail and other such lions, tigers and bears, oh my! but not quite yet. for now we enjoy the kind of rain that calms and soothes and keeps termite kitty stationed at the screen door peeking out.

we enjoy the sound and the sensation equally. opera kitty naps, the chickenchicas are tuned into the sunday opera on the classical station, bunny is holed up in one of his cardboard boxes and wee chicks are safe inside the comfort of the garage barn coop.

uuuup! now it turns - in seconds the rain turns. it's now coming down in buckets, overflowing each and every gutter, running over the top and challenging the strength of the plants to stay upright. in my mind, this is good, good, good.

i was lucky and a little bit smart. i wok early early in order to make my morning creature rounds. i knew the rain was to hit around 7am and it did on the dot just as i was finishing up. there are still eggs to collect but the girls were in no rush this morning considering the overcast sky. why not be rainy day lazy too. i did tack up a bit of extra rain protection for bunny bunny though he is pretty well off either way.

my ailing body wants back to bed but i, the mind, the imagination, the person wants to sit, watch and listen to the rain. i fear once falling asleep, i would sleep so sound as to miss the event. the squirrels are holed up, several peeking out here and there. the birds are chirping, singing, sending signal and song across the bows. the grass glows green and dirt black brown. the white picket fence blatant white.

i think of what's next - sweeping and raking more live oak leaves then hauling them out for compost. or maybe i ought to lay them out for a new bed but where is that new bed don't know yet? back to a soft fall, back from the buckets and the birds flying tree to tree once again. we'll see if it picks up for now i observe brick burning red, green burning green and wet.


Robert Ede said...

Hello, Chick. Nice post, nothing like a little rain in the spring to freshen things up. Had the same up here. Even heard a clap of thunder. Are those wild roses? They look like they have been there for awhile.

Eat garlic, drink beer, rest, sweat, read, lay in the dark, or with the cats, steam, soak or put your head under the eavestrough. Do what it takes to chase away the cold.

Stay cool.

shellywoman said...

hello mr. ede. the rain was nice. never got that bit of hail just some wet. and it cleared to a beautiful breez-ish day.

thanks for the good wishes. i'm on ya with the garlic and the reading - this cold has got to go!

and it will.

cheers to you! enjoy spring.

shellywoman said...

ah the roses, a rugosa i planted several years back. lovely color - vividvividvivid

rugosas are a wild type rose so you are right on it.