Monday, April 6, 2009


what can ya do with a re-claimed pile-o-bricks?

well to start you could

- make a walkway look a bit more fancypants-ish
- block pesky grass from garden bed entry
- create a deeper raised bed
- add visual interest and rhythm to a space
- collio up your universe
- spend a day or two or three out of doors in the fresh air and sunny sunshine

hippychick bricklady action begins with the two new garden beds located on either side of the front walkway. this is the start of my "more garden space, less grass space" movement. stay tuned for more garden less grass in the near future.

it is not a hugely difficult process. it is a time consuming process. i take care with the efforts and do my best to keep it neat and on the straight and narrow. the result is not perfection but i like it that way. i think it looks beautiful and i am very happy with the result.

the above photos show one side nearly finished and the other in the early cutting out earth phase. here's how it goes.
  • i cut out the shape with a flat spade
  • rip out all of the unwanted grass and weed bits
  • level the earth in the trench then lay in the brick at a slight angle
  • then it is a matter of leaning one against the other
  • filling in the empty space with dirt
  • tapping the brick in with a gentle hammer hit
  • watering them in to set the dirt around the brick
there is lots more to do but i am encouraged by the results thus far. this is a good bit by bit project. happy hippychick...

this is one possibility for a pile-o-bricks

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