Saturday, April 25, 2009

new chickenchica penthouse in the hippychick universe!

the mission -
to move the not so baby layers to a new home before heading out to chicago this weekend.

translation -
paint the inside of the tin (actually metal) shed, cut out new windows and a chicken run door, frame out and install critter deterrent windows, build a chicken run from the recently collected rockin' wood pallets, cover the run with chicken wire, load in the new laying nests (even though they are not expected to lay for weeks and weeks), load in feeder, waterer, hay bedding and chickenchicas. last but not least, install a shade/rain barrier over half of the run and load in three bags of fall leaves in the run for dusty bathes and interesting scratching goods.

mission accomplished people!
i started in early, the neighbors popped by to give a hand for a few hours, the neighbors went of to their own day, i kept going, the neighbors stopped by again later in the afternoon (blessed folk that they are), we all covered the finished run together. then the mailman (off duty) stopped by to see how things were going and decided to chip in and help us finish up. i felt like a regular tom sawyer!
love your neighbors peeps - good things come...

once the girls were transported to their new digs i got down and dirty in their older digs. really dirty - i cleaned the place up pulling out all the old bedding, swept, washed it down, let it dry, threw down a thin layer of d.e., a new layer of bedding, a waterer and a feeder before loading in my twenty-five wee wee baby baby layers. these kiddos are just a week old but they moved in just fine. they found themselves a cushy bit of bedding and dozed off to sleep almost immediately - that's a good sign. they are so darn cute.

i then took all the old bedding out to the compost piles. i finish off two of the three piles with this latest batch of bedding and a few bags of leaves. they'll be steaming tomorrow i am sure. now my body is tired and my clothes are sloshing clean in the washer.

the upcycling of the wood pallets was a huge success. the new chicken run is quite a looker. every project looks better than the last. maybe by the time i'm finished i'll have things figured out? ha!
so if we are keeping count - the coops now total four in variation.
  • the original crazy coop caper with outdoor run housing alfie, saffron, freckles, maisie, fernie & ella)
  • today's new layer coop with outdoor run housing lilly, frankie, clover, gerdie, fritzy, weemie, dodo & lala - yes this is the first unveiling of their names! lucky you. hey fritzy - she who inspired the name, you're now chicken famous - how cool is that?
  • meatie coop with outdoor run for... the meaties!
  • layer brooder /starter coop housing 24 heritage breed baby layer chicas
life is good for these babes. they all have plenty of space, fresh air and pals to share their days with. now it's time to get things ready for travel to celebrate a friend- it's only a day or two away - piece of cake.

i love my wee farm.


karenleigh said...

That run looks so great!

Casey said...

I love your run. I'm looking to make something similar. Could you share some more of the construction details? Is there chicken wire inside and out? How did you attach the pallets to each other? etc.