Thursday, April 9, 2009

morning update @ the hippychick universe

another chickenchica looking for nesting time is really shaking things up in the double nest. looks like it's time to pull the quad nest out of the garage and get it into the chickenchica's coop - sooner than later - hint to self - get on it.
maisie mae was busy at work making nest this a.m. i'd say the egg idea is no longer a mystery to her. she looked quite happy and content. i could almost hear her happy humming.

i take interest in the various nests the girls build. maisie built quite a pretty nest. she prefers hay for the bowl and live oak leaves for an inner cushiony bed. the shape of her nest is wide and low bowl shaped. alfie on the other hand is partial to a deeper steeper high hay bowl. saffron and freckles tend to scratch their nest into an area rather than build it up. ellabella and fernie are not yet interested in such busy work. they prefer to roost and view the morning hubbub from above.
these little bits of life - lovely

wabbit wabbit is quite perky today. i gifted him with two smaller cardboard boxes and a rubber play toy yesterday. he loves it all. he moves the boxes around, he hides in the boxes, he sits on the boxes and he chews the boxes. he bats the rubber play toy around and sits on it. it's good to see him romp, play and flip all about.

he too got a good few ear scratches this morning. he's been growing more and more fond of morning cuddles - they all know a sucker when they see one.

the wee chicks layers and meaties grow curiouser and curiouser each day. there are several now that go right for the feed bucket. food for many takes rank over fear. there is a particular australorp chickenygirl who proves quite brave. each and every day she comes closer and closer. i don't think it will be too long before she and i are buddies. i look forward to it but i'll allow she her space and time to trust. what's interesting is that once one chickenychica makes the move to trust, the others or rather most of the others will probably follow suit. we'll see...

check out the wee ones at hippychickenfarmer youtube

well, it's time for hippychick to hit the road - cheers hippychick followers - thank you for stopping by - have a great day - the weekend in near!

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