Saturday, April 11, 2009

hippychick is sick

i had a great great day with two fantastic buddies romping the city for the first annual austin funky coop tour. we saw some cuties and we saw one that was too too too small for the babies and that really bothers me. i might just have to say something as it's not left my mind yet.

outside of touring the tour we saw some great houses, great gardens and great cutie neighborhoods. we stopped for a slice of homeslice pizza and dropped into eco-wise for a look around. it was a good day.

hippychick is sick.

i woke up with a funky something going on in the throat department and the ears were feeling a bit stuffy. it's grown through the day and now i'm feeling chilled, shivery, my ears are pretty much plugged and the throat is more tender and swelling up. my coolio neighbors just made it through this mess so i know what's coming - eiiiiik. looks like tomorrow may be a slow day. probably just what hippychick needs.

the good news. easter is around the corner and we've got our own beautiful blue green eggs thanks to miss maisie mae. awe, thank you maisie. other good news - my countryside magazine arrived in the mail today. great in bed reading - all is well even if i am not fully.

wishing you all good health.
eat your garlic!!!

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