Tuesday, April 21, 2009

garden growing up up uppppp

it appears that the garden is now at full go
rock on baby!

and outward
and every which way

the green factor has multiplied by i cannot tell you how many

the leaning towering dill-za

onions freshly pulled now curing on the tomato trellis

and there are many more where these came from

the freshly finished front entry bedded
seeds up as if they went in as transplants

beans are flowering
cukes are cuking
basil babies setting true leaves and tiny amaranth making a go of it

and a blessed few lettuces still hanging tight

there it is folks
happiness in a garden plot


Peita said...

Just discovered your site, what an amazing setup you have, I will be coming back to your site many times for inspiration. I am trying to achieve the same thing for myself. It looks like you have done all this on a suburban block and it all looks so neat and tidy. Love it, great stuff!!

Carm and Jay said...

Michelle - it's gorgeous! And making me very hungry!