Wednesday, April 8, 2009

full mooon rising baby!

good news folks good news.

miss maisie mae gifted us with her first wee little blue green egg today. congratulations miss maisie sweetie pie.
i was with the sweet darling. i had just finished unloading yet another load of bricks - just one more load to go - and was checking in on the ladies for the evening. the sun had not yet set and the girls were feeling a bit chatty so i stepped inside the coop to give a few scratches and converse a while. maisie mae was in the nesting area in the "position". i went over to give her a few loving words then gave her some space. well she decided she wanted to be close to me and hopped down and placed herself right up against my leg. yes indeed, she did and my heart melted. chickenmama was moosh.

all the other girls let her be. they were supportive but not overbearing - even the big bossy sisters gave her her space. it was nice. then she did it, she layed the egg and off she went as if nothing had happened but something had happened. just next to my foot lay a tiny wee little egg, perfect in shape and with a strong hard blue green shell. oh my, i was even mooshier - i am thankful that it was only the chickens, wabbit wabbit and opera kitty in witness - what a scene.

teee neee eggie baby

i'm telling you, it's amazing - the laying of the first egg thing.
it's beautiful and fills me with awe.

i am truly thankful to witness and appreciate such events as i do.
maisie mae is now a girlygirl - go maisie

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