Saturday, April 18, 2009

cooolio best green blog - beez touch down at the hippychick universe

hippychick made the editor's choice today!

thank you best green blogs

other good news is that the bees are here
yes houston the bees have touched down in the hippychick universe
and all is well
here is a first look
there are two hives
both located in the outback garden in and amoungst the berry sticks, fruit trees of all sorts, sunflowers, artichokes, herbs and comfrey.

this is hive one about 3o minutes after the bees have been hived. they are coming and going and some are flying all about but a distinct system of comers and goers seems to be in action.

to the left of hive one - blackberries and strawberries
to the right of hive one - a plum tree, a rosemary bush and volunteer squashes
behind the hive - blackberries, raspberries, lavender and sunflowers
this is hive two.
you can see the transport cage in front of the hive. i'll leave it out overnight. most of the bees have exited the transport cage. they may be sopping up every last bit of sugar syryp still present. bees are not wasteful. they will take advantage of every resource they come upon.

to the left of hive two - artichoke, mint and kale
to the right of hive two - an apple tree, a pear tree, a peach tree, comfrey and blueberries
behind hive two - an apricot tree, sunflowers, more comfrey and volunteer squash
here you can see the bees at work
boy i'm excited to see how having these babies around effects the garden
and the honey, oh the honey

that's really something i should save thinking about for later
for now i have got to keep my fingers crossed and hope both hives accept and love their queen.
long live the queen!

interested in seeing the bees in real time?
stop by hippychickenfarmer @ youtube
i have posted a short hippychick bee movie

the folks over at not so urban hennery just put in their bee friends too - check it out.


zippy said...

the editor's choice? on the day you get the bees?

something about the bee's knees would bee appropriate.


great job as always.

snow finally left my ard three days ago. still no real green, but it is coming. tomorrow is the last day the mountain is open and that will change the texture of town as folks head out for warmer climes for the spring.

shellywoman said...

thanks zippy. beez kneez! ahhhhhh I missed that one completely didn't i?

i cannot tell you how amazing the beezzzzz are. wow between the chicken tv and the bee tv i'll never need that electronic box upstairs again. well not unless mad weather comes our way and i need a bit of input - even then the radio works and there's one of those in the chickeny coop!

are you missing the snow as she goes? i wonder are there summer mountain folk too. i rather prefer hiking to skiing. i wonder if other two legged mosquitoes come up to rustle up your quiet and calm.

wishing you well
now is the time of writing of all the beautiful shades of brown. i mean that sincerely. it is earth day afterall. i find brown earth lovely.