Monday, April 6, 2009

bug bugger bug

i've been searching and searching for the identity of my turnip attackers and now i have a positive i.d. - thank you kemper center for home gardening

this peskity pesty baddybagbug bugger is indeed a harlequin bug.
time to get out the insecticidal soap - actually, i use dr. bronners for the task.

bye bye baddy bad bug
update - many many bug a floating in a bucket of soapy water

anyone up for a harlequin bug smoothy?
oh yummy!


Miss Ash said...

Dr. Bronners has a specific insecticidal soap? And you just dilute it in a bucket? Is it really that easy?

shellywoman said...

hello miss ash - i use any dr.bronners that i have on hand. it is that easy. I used three capfuls in the bucket you see on the sight and filled the bucket 1/3 full with water.

*there is no specific insecticidal bronners.

*the bronners that i have on hand today is the eucalyptus but i have used the lavender with the same results.


shellywoman said...

this is a small bucket - maybe 8" around and 10" high.