Thursday, April 30, 2009

and then there were two

supers that is...

i woke this morning ready for bee inspection. i had practiced in sleep state throughout the night. now i would actually do it. uugh, i hope i get this right i thought. got to treat the hippychick bees well. here we gooooo!

i prepped my garden cart for bee duty
  • i got the smoker smoking
  • i climbed into my cheapo tyvek overalls and my better bee veil
  • i popped on a pair of gloves
  • i set the sugar water and the two additional supers on the cart
  • i set my hive tool and bee brush on the cart
  • i checked all entrances into shoes, sleeves and neck area
all was cool, time to get these babies fed. i worked slowly and carefully as not to upset the bees. a few poofs of smoke at each entrance as i stood to the side of the hive. then i moved the 2 gallons of sugar water to my side for easy access and to clear a space on the cart for the hive top and (oh my!) empty feeder. i guess my instincts were not so far off. that's good. i poofed a bit of smoke under the hive top before removing it, the feeder and the top cover.

wow! look at that action! i lifted out a few frames for inspection. i saw great evidence of new brood, deep golden pollen stores and thick stores of honey! i could not believe it. talk about busy as a bee? they are not kidding. these babies are cranking!

i placed a second eight frame super on top of the first. i placed the feeder on top of the supers. i filled the feeder with just under two gallons of sugar water before placing the top cover and hive cover in place. one complete, one to go.

the second hive inspected as healthy and as active - i'm a lucky hippychick. one thing i did learn is that it's time for me to order more supers! these kiddos need more space or will within a week or two. that's good news.

happy bees, happy hippychick

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