Tuesday, March 3, 2009

tonight's read

cover to cover baby
in one night - no problemo

vermi-composting in the hippychick universe begins march 14 2009
picked up a can-o-worms composter

love it
moved wabbit wabbit to a new spot today. he's quite a little worm farmer himself. his little poos are much prized by worms from what i can tell. he's in a shadier spot now, all the better for he. i piled a couple of garden cart fulls of compostables over his former home as the ground was teaming with worm creatures. the compost will keep them busy for a while.

this spot to become the new expanded chickenchica layer run in the near future. we're growing!!! and there's more to tell but not today. the adventure venture is picking up speed and plans are in the works - fingers crossed i'll be telling all in no time.

compost compost compost compost
you don't need special worms to get started.
bury your veggie waste in the ground and the locals wormies will dive right in.

and we all know - local is good!

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morgan said...

I built my worm bin from a plastic storage bin that I purchased from Salvation Army!

My wormies are awesome!