Friday, March 6, 2009

things i do before i travel

calendula in full flower
  • fill all multi-day kitty containers
  • fill all chickenchica feeders and waterers to the tippy top
  • clean all creature areas
  • cut greens and harvest garden goodies
  • wash and bag all harvested garden goodies
  • distribute shares of harvested garden goodies to most excellent creatures and peoples of the universe
  • store some goodies long term
  • pack other goodies for the trip - super traveling garden geek am i - keeping my eating local while on the road though - no harm there!
  • laundry
  • put out all trash - usually very little
  • put out all recycle bits - usually quite a lot
  • compost kitchen bits
  • set water timers for all gardens
  • check for water leaks and fix what i can
  • tidy up the kitchen
  • set out extra egg cartons for neighborly collecting
  • contact neighbors and go over daily routine - my neighbors rock rock rock
  • oh yeah, pack a bag
  • set the radio level for the chickenchicas
  • make an extra fluffy bed for the kitty creatures
  • make sure wabbit wabbit has plenty of water and food
  • double check all departure information
  • do an extra round about to make sure all bases are covered
  • turn off and unplug any energy draining appliances
  • give the babies extra hugs and lovin' before heading out the door
  • spend much time wishing i could just stay home
  • til' finally walking out of the door

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