Sunday, March 29, 2009

sunday in ny

it's easy to define an early sunday morning in ny before the day's events begin

hot coffee with milk in this fine spring weather, a croissant and walk for several blocks while sipping.

city folk wake
folks are about
sidewalks are not yet full up and i am thankful
the coffee is hot hot hot
i walk it as others walk their dogs
my coffee will not lift a leg
and i will be the one sniffing its fine aroma
the croissant is lucky to last a city block
most often i wait
keep the croissant for dipping in coffee
not this time
too hot hot hot
crumbs fleck my front
one hand coffee one hand croissant
two hands coffee
mmmm warm warm hands
should have dressed warmer
a quick shiver runs
i pick up the pace
aha not too much faster
spilling spurting oh sweet coffee
slow down and turn and head around
back for a brush up
back getting ready
back to consider sleep once again
before oh before the days events begin

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