Monday, March 9, 2009

stubborn as a cutiepants goat

still pondering pooh like about goats...
come on! who could not love a face like this?
i keep visiting the fias co farm goat information page - smart and generous folk there.

everything is possible in the universe
dog - goat - dog - goat - dog - goat - goat - goat
depending upon the size (dwarfycutie) - a goat could prove smaller than a dog? right?

danger will robinson...

this photo is one of molly's own. maxwell house, an itty boy goat baby, minutes after birth. supercutie!!!! ms. molly is cool and a true loving creative and warm soul. cheers to you molly.

more information here - getting your goat.
i'm doing my research, you know what that means.

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