Thursday, March 19, 2009

no time to waste

spring break continues though i'm using every minute of every day, not wasting a second. how could i? there is much to do in the hippychick universe. upgrades, expansions, clean up, clean up, clean up and the forever raking of the the live oak leaves - jeesh those live oak trees never seem to give up.

today was spring cleaning day
  • cleaned out the chicken chica chicken coop and layed in fresh hay - that was fun with six girly girls wanting to take part!!!
  • cleaned all the floors in the house, swept and damp mopped
  • laundry, laundry, laundry - sheets, towels, winter blankets, rugs - everything out now hanging on the line, or over the hand rail of the front porch or anywhere else i could find to lay it out drying and smelling freshy fresh. i wonder if there is a way to run a second clothes line? pondering...
  • cleaned out and hosed down the meatie coop - still have to sanitize it - an easy job that i'll tackle tomorrow.
  • changed the bedding for the 9 baby layers (3 brown leghorn, 3 silver laced wyandotte, 3 australorp) and the 24 round two meaties (dark cornish). i installed a mini roost for the layers. i have not seen any jump up onto it yet but i don't imagine that it will take long before they figure it out. all the babes are doing well - they had much to say as i cleaned the urban garage barn around them.
  • cleaned the urban garage barn - this was the big big job of the day as it entails taking most everything out, hosing off the dust, sweeping the place out and putting everything back into it's proper place.
  • started a 50 gallon batch of aerated super-d-lively compost tea - a mix of seaweed, molasses flakes, fish meal, cottonseed meal and worm castings
  • soaking a hand full of peas, lentils, radish and adzuki beans overnight before sprouting for yummy eats
  • picked up 2 bags of ditomacious earth and 2 bags of chopped alfalfa for creature upkeep from the local feed store - that keeps me in the goods for a while now - i'm thinking the metal shed may become the feed barn. it's the perfect size and too hot for creatures this time of year.
i'm pretty sure that' s it. tomorrow i'll hit the ground running with the tilling again. i've got bags of leaves that need moving. they've been piled up along the fence line out back for a bit too long. it looks a bit dumpy - cannot have that - hippychick does not like it when her place looks dumpy. i've got veggie trellis to install tomorrow too. it's a low tech trellis solution - ten 6'-0" poles, a hammer and some string. and then the sanitizing of the meatie coop for good health.
oh! how could i forget to mention...
super neighbor added on to the urban garage barn meatie coop. now the entire coop is walk in height which makes cleaning up a billion trillion zillion times easier. thank you super neighbor - you're a saint. truly.

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morgan said...

Dang girl you have been busy!!! Good job!