Tuesday, March 17, 2009

sadly spraddle leg baby has passed

sad news, baby spraddle leg did not make it through the night. i tried to help in the following ways. who knows maybe efforts for another wee spraddle leg will prove successful.

i -
  • kept spraddle leg warm
  • used a band-aide to re-align his legs
  • hand fed a mix of keifer yogurt and mushy chick feed
  • made sure that spraddle leg was drinking water, hand feeding myself - the water on two occasions was a weak mix of sugar water
  • pulled spraddle leg out of the larger group to avoid getting trampled and place him into a smaller brooder
  • placed two wee chicks in with spraddle for warmth and companionship
  • checked on spraddle several times through the night - and noticed sadly less of an interest in food and water as the hours passed
  • woke this morning and placed the two wee chicks back in the larger brooder - spraddle had passed
i did read that many of the chicks with spraddle leg do not make it. it makes me sad. please let me know if there is anything that i did not do, that i could have done for spraddle leg that i missed. thanks folks.

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