Monday, March 16, 2009

no kidding! these babies are for real

you can imagine my surprise when i spied these lovelies

pretty darn good

i'm looking forward to the season's first

big day big day
things started out a bit slow
the start pistol fired
and woosh the day took off

  • 7:00am a call from the post office - 25 dark cornish chicks ready and waiting for pick up
  • 7:30 chicks arrive home - transfer to their brooder and begin eating and drinking
  • 7:32 one chick suffers from spraddle leg - i collect a band-aid and get to work
  • 7:45 the wee spraddle babe is back in the brooder after a special feeding of kiefer yogurt and water
  • 8:00 chicken mama checks on all creatures great and small - everyone else doing well
  • 8:30 chickenmama gets herself ready for a hard days work - breakfast - two eggs
  • 9:15 out the door and so the day begins
  • 6:30pm inside for a drinkypoo
the clean up continued
  • leaf pick up - complete
  • east side garden clean up - complete
  • re-run east side garden irrigation hoses - complete
  • mow the lawn - complete
  • distribute three of the four composted piles to the flower and shrub beds - nearly complete- ran a bit short and the fourth pile not yet ready
  • level out the former compost pile area and ready it for the next planting - complete
  • re-fill all of the creature's water bins - complete
  • find those darn eggs - girls are laying all over the place - found 2 of 3
  • tack up chicken wire in the newly expanded garage coop - complete
  • check on the wee chicks - doing ok - spoon feed the spraddle babe a little more yogurt
  • water in all of the compost distributed around the yard - complete
  • talk to a local democrat running for city office - it's texas folks these chats last a good long while
  • clean up the garden cart, garden fork, lawn mower, rake and brooms
  • step inside for a 1/2 iced tea, 1/2 ginger tea pick me up
sit to type - oophff - good job

the yard looks great, most every bed is mulched and the leaves are finally scooped up. next on the list - move the old chicken hutch/nest out of the chickenchica coop, build and install three chicken nests, expand the chickenchica's chicken run, turn the bedding in the meat chicken run, replace the gutters around the chickenchica coop and consider installing - FINALLY- the water tank for rainwater harvesting.

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