Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the new morning ritual

now that we are upon
- steady warm - dry - little to no rain - often windy - making things even drier days -
the early morning ritual shifts
and goes a little something like this
(sorry, i could not resist)
get the body out of bed
check in with the kitty boys - food, water, hugs and scratches
feel out the weather - is it going to be superhot, hot, hot and windy, flat
possibly turn on ceiling fans
make the morning coffee
head out the doors
water the eastside garden - turn on the irrigation
water the westside melon and squash beds - no irrigation system yet - got to get on that
some days the watering takes longer than others - it's my happy wake up time
check for bugs - yes they are already heavy upon us - drat!
check in on the chicks - food, water, bedding and some sweet talk
check in on the chickenchicas - step inside the coop - give some scratches - collect the early
if it's going to be a hot one i turn on the fans for the ladies and for bunny bunny
check in on bunny bunny - water, water, water, water, food and sweet talkin'
morning eggs, turn up the radio's volume, check food, water and bedding
observe great things like spider webs in the hippychick universe
harvest any veggies i might eat that day
get back inside and prep self for the work day
pack up any goods i might be bringing in for sale or trade
make breakfast, eat breakfast
make lunch, pack lunch
pack my bags
one last check around
turn off the water spigots
wish the creatures a good day
off weeeee goooooo

but what's missing here folks?
yes indeed
the morning run

time to fatty mcfatty back on the running track
we don't need hippychick to be any more hippy than she already is.
and if not a run a nice brisky walkabout
nothing like breathing in the fresh air and feeling sprite
i could start curling chickens?
now there's a thought

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