Thursday, March 26, 2009

sometimes you meet folk who create in a way you never thought possible

i was blessed last night to enjoy a dinner with a beautiful and lovely close friend. we ate at what i consider the very best restaurant in ausintown. i had a gift card which made this possible. the gift card had been gifted to me by this most lovely friend. i knew upon the moment of opening the gift that i would share the gift with the giver. it took nearly a year for the two of us to find a time where we were able to sit and sit and sit in order to enjoy the wonder of the riches placed before us.

where were we? we were in the house of uchi
if you are fan of sushi - you must visit uchi
save your pennies - it's not cheap - lucky for us we had the gift card
i visit uchi once every other year but when i do, it's heaven
and it's worth the wait

a bit about the folks who make the magic of uchi

Uchi Culinary philosophy

Combining local seasonal ingredients with an infinite spectrum of seafood from around the globe is the basis for Uchi's culinary philosophy. We invite our diners to explore their gastronomic boundaries by pairing traditional Japanese offerings with new and refreshing flavors and textures.

At Uchi, we serve the freshest product we can procure every day. We maintain close relationships with local farmers and we fly in seafood every day from the Tsukiji market in Tokyo. The essence of Japanese cuisine is the ingredients; at Uchi we prepare our dishes using innovative food combinations for the most unique dining experience in Austin.

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