Monday, March 23, 2009

more space for everybody!

i was pretty bushed yesterday when i sat down to write. i neglected to mention the big happy news in baby meatie chick and baby layer chick land. but first a bit of an update on the chicks.
  • the 24 dark cornish chicks celebrate first week in the universe today
  • also shipped with the dark cornish was a single odd chick that might prove to be a sultan or a silkie or a cochin. it's got a little poof on it's head, feathered legs and the color is yellow with a single black spot on it's back.
  • the nine baby layers are growing quickly. they have learned how to use their mini roost and share quite a lovely relationship with one another.
the news...
we'll they've all got bigger digs now. i took some time on sunday to build a divider inside the big garage barn coop. so now one coop is two. the layers reside in one half of the coop and the meaties reside in the other half. they are neighbors!

when super neighbor expanded the garagebarn coop he was super smart and installed a second door. so each area has it's own entrance. it's perfect perfect perfect. i cannot wait for him to see the updates i made. i hope he approves. i think so. i'm learning.

each coop measures approx 8' x 7' - much better than the galvanized tubs they all started out in. now they can run and jump and fly if they like. and the layers do like especially the brown leghorns. they love taking flight as often as they are able.

it makes it a bit easier for me, chickenmama too. both interior coops now have larger waterers and larger feeders which means less refilling on my part. they can go several days with the feeders. i make it habit to change the water everyday but they could go several days in the rare case that they had to without fear of going dry.

the temperature inside the garage has been lovely - not too hot nor too cool. i have layed out hay for bedding in each area. it's what they had in the galvanized bins so i thought it best to start there. i may transfer over to leaves at some point but i've got plenty of hay at the ready so until a change is necessary, i'll keep on with hay. i've also kept the heat lamps running. they continue to sleep under the comfort and warmth of the lamps but romp here and there through the day.

each of the babies seems quite happy with the extra space and i'm happy too. i would rather provide more space than they need than less. it's what i hope to continue to do as the days go by.

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