Sunday, March 22, 2009

making efforts

going to put forth my best efforts to get borders put in around each of the newly tilled beds - five all together. also going to try to lay new weed barrier paths around the newly supersized eastside garden beds. it's sure to take at least the rest of the day i think - i really don't know.

i spent the early morning burying in soaker hoses and irrigation lines in each of the new areas. that went well.
i then decided to tackle the darn crazy buzzing stove. the stove as of late had decided that it wanted the buzzer to go off anytime, at the oddest times and with no way of turning the darn buzzer off. my solution up to now has been to cut the power to the range from my electrical panel.
so i ripped apart the control panel. **which by the way means that you have to take apart nearly the entire top range before even seeing the wires and such - so much fun** i busted out the clock and timer before putting the whole baby back together again. i'm no stove expert but everything i need to work still works and i put back as many screws as i pulled out. i'd call that good.

anyway, i'm off.
much to do
a beautiful day too

and then again sometimes you don't get everything done in the way or when you planned. today is one of those days. i did not get the borders around all of the beds and that's o.k. it would have been a bonus to nail it all but it just was not going to be. i'm not disappointed. hey i like projects. this one will keep me out of trouble longer term.

i did
  • pull up the plastic - fold it up and put it away along with my seasonal rowcovers and burlap insulating garden wraps
  • raked the tilled areas smooth
  • watered the rake areas a bit to keep the dust down
  • build yet another raised bed - this one 9' x 6' x 12"
  • gave the bird baths a good scrubbing down & fresh h20 fill
  • swept up all the walk ways
  • put all my tools away
  • finally brought in the clean clothes off the line outside - they ought to be superfresh as they've been out blowing in the breeze for two days
now - pondering dinner...

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