Monday, March 2, 2009

i see london i see france

i see saffron's underpants.

to be more precise, i see saffron's pink booty peeking through in the rump area. she is indeed moulting - moulting yet still laying. she is going the slow and steady moult route versus the all at once moult route. this might explain her itty increased level of agitation.

i had a feeling the young lady was up to something. i remember alfie's moult and how it made her a bit more frazzly than usual.

it looks like it might be a good time to pick up a bag of seaweed/kelp to supplement the already organic chickeny feed. the extra vitamins, minerals and protein will do the ladies great good. it will provide saffron with the extra umpff she needs to produce new feathers which might then increase her happiness factor. in turn, all that vitamin and mineral goodness will produce itself in the eggs they lay which means that all of you enjoying the chickenchica eggies are reaping the healthy benefits too. it's a win win win investment.
oh if only i treated my body as i treat theirs - hmmm it seems i've discussed this before says the truthful self to self. got to get back to that.

okay enough of the crazy lady talking to herself, here is an interesting page that discusses natural benefits of eating bean, legume, nuts and grains the information here applies primarily to people folk but if you do your chicken health studying then you can apply much of the tips offered here toward happy healthy chicken eats too.

need a tip for studying your chicken health? read the chicken health handbook by gail damerow. it's got pretty much everything you need to know. keep in mind this book is vet level so you'll have to really dig in at times. it's not written in magazine format which i personally appreciate.

in moult or out of moult i find it interesting that ms. saffron still wears the chickeny tiarra in the coop. she's a toughy even when we can see her underpants.

i dig that about ms. lady.

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