Friday, March 13, 2009

hippychickenfarmer's heritage breed chickens

the expansion of the super-d-lovely hippychickenfarmer heritage laying flock is well on the way.

we will soon be adding the below listed lady breeds to our family. they, all together, will make for a beautiful family. the information provided aside each breed in found at henderson's chicken breed chart. another breed chart here.

  • speckled sussex - developed in the county of sussex in the early 19th century. layer of creamy to light brown eggs.
  • dominique - developed in new england in early 19th century. not distinguished from the barred rock until apa standards were developed. most modern dominques may be traced to stock developed by a. q. carter after 1900. layer of brown eggs.
  • appenzeller spitzhauben - developed in switzerland centuries ago. layer of white eggs.
  • cuckoo maran - developed in france in the early 20th century. layer of dark chocolate brown eggs.
  • golden lakenvelders - developed in germany in early 19th century. golden lakenvelders are not standard. layer of white to lightly tinted eggs.
  • welsummer - developed in holland in the 20th century. layer of terracotta colored eggs.
  • blue wyandotte - developed in new york state and wisconsin in the late 19th century. layer of light to rich brown eggs.
  • easter eggers - south american breed. layer of blue green and tinted eggs.
already in flock - white leghorn, brown leghorn, red star, black star, silver laced wyandotte, australorp and ameraucauna.

this flock will be special
ladies from around the world


Derek said...

Great to see you're getting more chickens. We have a breed selector tool and breed list as well. Plus, we documented how we tried to include our chickens into a more sustainable lifestyle.

shellywoman said...
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shellywoman said...

hey derek of great to see you stopping by the site. thanks for linking up the folks to the fantastic information available at your site.

keep on with the good work my fellow chicken lover.

Derek said...

It's great that there are more and more resources available online. When we started our breed selector tool and ebook, 3 years ago, there were only a few place online. We pulled most of our information from books.

Chickens are really great in so many ways. Not only do they help live a more sustainable lifestyle, they are great pets and companions.

Best to you and your flock!