Thursday, March 19, 2009

guess who's coming to dinner?

they're here and settling in to their new digs.
these lucky little red worms reside in the multi-tier can-o-worms universe and burrow in the high class pleasure of coconut coir bedding and all the packaging they arrived in - a cardboard box, two brown paper bags and a few sheets of newsprint all soaked and broken into small bits.

their first food feeding consists of carrot tops though it may take a week or two or three before they decide to kick the eating of the bedding habit for the veggie goods.

i've decided to keep the wormie worms in the kitchen. it keeps the babes cool in the hot summer heat which we experience a whole lot of and it makes for easy veggie bit transfer from kitchen sink to wormery.

and so the adventures of the hippychick wormery begins...

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