Sunday, March 15, 2009

a bit of rain and so happy for it

it's been raining, not hard not soft, on and off for several days and the earth around these parts looks all the better for it.

one views green now popping up in places that have shown variations of brown for the longest time. plants stand tall full up with drink and our friends the weeds - ahaaa - multiply three-fold overnight. not good not bad as the weeds provide special treats for the chickenchica's to munchy munch on.

every drop is a blessing as we have been dry for oh so long, too long. i worry only for one creature so far and that is my nearing four year old apple tree. i noticed a crack in the trunk yesterday. only a slight crack but a crack just the same. my guess is that she celebrated with drinking for want of moisture for so long and over did it just a bit. who could blame her? i'll be sure to treat the crack today in order to keep bad bugs from a quick entry into her yummy insides.

i took advantage of the damp soft ground to put in another round of flowering bushes and flowers out front in preparation for our two new hippychick bee colonies. all will provide food for the creatures - not only for the bees but for butterflies, hummingbirds and many varied types of insects.

the newly planted goodies include
  • lambs ears
  • bettony
  • four types of dry land sage
  • texas fire bush
  • canyon daisy
  • three types of dry land salvias
  • zebra daisy
  • angelica
  • milkweed flower
  • butterfly bush
again it's nice for this light bit of rain as it helps settle the new babes into their new home. i moved a good ten to twelve cardoon plants to a new spot yesterday. they were beginning to stretch beyond the space available in their bed so i thought it best to give them a greater bit of breathing room. this is the first year that i've planted cardoon from seed and i must say the test proved 100% success. they have grown quite well and have beautiful color.

now it's time for this hippychick to get herself outside for clean up. the rain has assisted the trees in the dropping of leaves not of this year. for me that means raking and scooping and the building of a new compost pile or the creation of a new garden bed. i think this round may help to create a little of each. today is the day that i expand the east side garden. it's a tricky business. expand the beds, which means taking the current beds apart, build new beds and fill them without disturbing the veggies and herbs currently planted. we'll see how it all goes.

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