Sunday, February 8, 2009

a truly beautfiul day

if i could capture this day i would - a cool 62˚f, just a tad bit cloudy and enough of a breeze to hear the leaves rustle, to feel your hair blow and to keep anyone out of doors working hard comfortable and dry.

it's the perfect, sit on the porch, sip a drink and drop off for a nap day. it's the perfect wash the car yourself day. it's good day for digging a good day for scratching (so i've observed with the chickens. it's a good day for sitting high and just looking about as mr. t supercat is doing now. also a good day to set in seedlings and starter plants as the air is just right - not too hot, not too cool - and the overcast sky protective from harder sun conditions.

all this good day and tonight topped off with a full moon to view ooooo eeee it will be nice. i could definitely go for a few more of these.

i thought i might give you a view of the garden now that i have removed all of the row covers and such. things around here are looking pretty darn green. one of my winter planted daikon radish is going to flower and the wee tiny flowers are blushing a beautiful pink. she'll be quite lovely when she really let's loose. i hope to save some seed from this hearty lady, she's held on rain, shine and chill of night. she, my friend is a keeper.

nothing in the garden is looking real tall. lots of greens, cabbage, beets, turnips, rutabaga, chard, carrots and herbs and such. there are seedlings of the string bean variety, the corn variety, cukes, melons and onions and maters. all that is to be in for the spring is in. around here we have to start early as the heat can come in heavy and fast. and once it's in the gardens slow down, way down and for a while it's better to let it rest and wait for cooler days.

here's a better look at our friends cabbage and cardoon with a rogue pea that founds it's way into their company. i keep cabbages of various planting dates in several of the beds these here just beginning to form bitty heads.

the cardoon i planted by seed. they have the slightly serrated leaves and i'm surprised by the success we're having this year. this is not the first attempt but absolutely the best result. and they seem to do quite well with the cabbage at their sides.

well with the coming harvest of the meatie chickens i finally broke down and purchased a chest freezer. one not too big and not too small but feeling just right.

today at the grocery i found organic milk 2 bucks for a half gallon so i purchased ten and packed them in for later use. i have not seen a deal like that in a long time considering the gallon jugs along side were selling for 6 - was it a mistake? don't know, did not ask.

i then decided to look about to see if there were any other deals to be had and sure enough there were. so i picked up a small stock of organic whole wheat flour and three cans of my favorite chicory and coffee blend. now everything is stashed away in the just right size freezer along side a yesterday chicken. he's huge can you see how huge, he nearly fills the side bin on his own.

well there is still much work to do. lot's of reading today, enough to fill my remaining hours of sunlight and maybe then some. i'll be here on the porch if you wish to find me determined as ever to enjoy this truly beautiful day.

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