Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tripping tastes of the hippychick universe

hey folks the day has come to launch a new venture!
hippychick's super-d-lovely eggscellent biz
a.k.a. super-organically home raised chickenchica eggs.

super-fab-o-luscious baby!
the girlies regularly enjoy fresh greens, organic feed and any yummy protein rich creatures they can scratch up. they also enjoy home cooked oats and grains on chilly mornings. they listen to classical music and/or down home texas music during the day depending on how they feel. in short - these chickenchicas are happy, loved, superfriendly and have many human, kitty and bunny bunny admirers in the universe. their life is good.

the break down
- - - - -
2 bucks for 6
4 bucks for 12
- - - - -
we sell local only
if you live near or around bastrop texas then you are in luck!
if you work at ut austin, you're in luck because i spend a good bit of time there too.
we have rich superhealthy greens ready too
they'll be washed clean, spun dry and ready to eat right out of the bag
you will not be sorry
- - - - -
2 bucks a bag
- - - - -
get the greenie greens while they last
they get munched up uber-fast
get your organically home grown home raised goods
from a hippychick who loves all the courageous growing creatures in her happy shining universe

- meatie chickens coming soon -

local only - local only - local only - local only - local only
a hippychick hand to hand sustainable ad-venture

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