Sunday, February 15, 2009

saving big daddy

the raising of dinner continues. minus eight today - all boys - leaving one last boy for the ladies to admire. he that is number nine is big daddy.
big daddy roo roo that is. a red headed wonder with beautiful white feathers and an intense and determined look about him. truth is, i have a soft spot for this fellow. he proved himself the top roo roo in the group early on and made daily efforts to patrol and protect the flock. i've watched him.

he walks the perimeter of the fence looking not only out but also to the above. he's smart, as far as smart goes with the chickeny sort. he is aware that i too hold a big part in the success of the clan and often visits me at the top of the day. we deal eye to eye. i hold a deep respect for folk who deal eye to eye. we have a good understanding and so far he has proved most kind.

i like him.

i know i know i'm not suppose to like him (big daddy meatie) but i do. i like his morning song, i like the way he holds himself, i like the way he looks out for the others, i like his directness, i like his ways. so today in the process of processing i made sure he would be the last roo roo standing. he, i knew, would be the number nine male.
he is big daddy and i've decided to enjoy big daddy for a little while longer. hey everygirl needs a little rooster in her life. his morning song is spot on reliable and much more pleasant than any alarm clock i've ever heard. he makes me smile. the neighbors kind of dig him too.

come on, tell me who can keep themselves from falling for a handsome redhead?

maybe we'll put big daddy on a diet and...


Anonymous said...

Well if'n ya named him ya just gotta keep'em, right....

shellywoman said...

ahhh, well no...

big daddy now rules the roost in the freezer.

he enjoyed a week stay... and will forever be in my memories as the first mister mister rooroo master.