Thursday, February 5, 2009

pondering pondering pondering round two

exploration variation of the meaties that is
in truth the pondering has past and the exploration variation is in forward momentum notion motion
the date is set, their food not yet, their housing readied and bedding dressed

dark black cornish this round
with a stance regal and proud
a serious looking bird
a protector
a tempting dark beauty
a vision

the plan then shifts from meatie round one to round two. i hope in round two to keep a couple extra few on the hippychickfarm and safe from all harms to foster future generations the way natural chickenyfolk do. they'll make um', they'll lay um', they'll raise them in brood. mama cornish, papa cornish you can see it can't you?

i've still more research and more planning yet to do. are they good mamas? are they good papas? is this a healthy strong lined breed to keep a few?

so onward upward, delving deeper, creeping slowly, having fun
but for now we'll keep on learning what we're learning from meatie groupo round one

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