Saturday, February 28, 2009

marry poppins would certainly run off course today!

wooooo wooooosh so it blows today!

i'm telling you mother nature is cleaning her tree houses today. if by chance there were any of last years leaves hanging on, they are no longer as the fresh blanket of live oak leaves proves evidence.

it may not be the day to attempt to rake up the fresh blanket of leaves as they'd fly away from their freshly organized piles seconds after looking pretty.

it is on the other hand the day to hang fresh washed laundry on the line as long as you've got some smart and sturdy laundry clips that hang on tight. wet clothes in this wind will whip themselves dry faster than one can say mary poppins mary poppins mary poppins poppins mary poppins mary poppins mary. i'll have my sheets out on line for sure.

it is a great day for cleaning house. you want fresh clean air? you got it. the windy gusts will surely push out the old air and blow in new fresh smelling crispy cool nice to wear a sweater air. so do your sweeping and do your dusting and remove any delicates from the places around your windows. then open your windows wide and allow miss mother nature's gusty breeze into your home.

i'll be cleaning up the hippy chick universe today. both the home and the garage could use a good sweep. it's spring cleaning time - yihaaa!

afternoon update -
got myself washed up and out the door for some yard work. mowed the lawn, planted in 18 more heirloom tomato starters, changed water for wabbit wabbit, the chickenchicas and the meaties. i cleaned up the garage a little (and i stress a little). i picked up three more bags of chicken starter - thinking ahead for the arrival of the march meatie chicks. also picked up two bails of alfalfa hey - wabbit wabbit digs munching on it. put all the creature feed, tools and lawn cutting machine away before heading back inside.

ohh dog! it's really blowing out there and the wind is a bit chilly i must say. i like it, i like it.

now i've got a big ole' pot of my hot ginger lemon tea on. i'm hoping to end up with a two gallon batch. i'm going to try to wean myself down to half of my current coffee intake and the ginger lemon tea really does it for me. i love the bite of the ginger, the tang of the lemon and the itty sweetness from the honey. maybe - ah i should not even say it - but maybe i'll wean myself nearly off the coffee... yeah sure my brain says - hey! well you never know, i fight back. enough on that.

both of the kitty boys are happily inside and napping - sweetpeas that they are.

time for sweetpotatoe starts -

i'm thinking about getting my sweet potatoes out and ready to produce starts for this year's garden. all i have to do is head back out to the garage, pull them inside, lay them out in a shallow bin with just a bit of dirt and keep damp. in a few weeks, i'll have starts. once the starts grow to about 3" i pull them off of the potato and stick them into a small glass jar with water to root. they root in a week, sometimes longer. once the roots are an inch or so long, they go into the dirt and begin their own efforts towards the making of more sweetie taters. it's just that simple.

i might lay low today. it's been more than hectic as of late and i could really use the break. sure there's much i could also be doing but considering the fact that all creatures are well taken care of, the garden is in good shape, tea is on the stove and most all of the laundry is done, life could go on one day without mad efforts.

today i will sustain myself - a bit of rest and reading with my sleeping kitty boys.

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