Saturday, February 7, 2009

making friday count

much to do this weekend, some of it planned and great giant bit - popped in surprise! but we'll not focus on that. in light, anything i could cram into friday's daylight hours would turn out to be a huge plus and we did pretty well.
  • removed the garden hoop covers and all hardware - stored it away
  • moved and replanted the goldkist apricot, pineapple pear and almond tree to their more permanent homes
  • moved the kiwi vines to live beneath the arbor
  • split my largest maiden grass tufts into several bits and planted them about - still more to locate - they have hugely multiplied - great goods for water starved areas and we've got those
  • watered all gardens
  • planted out baby cuke vines
  • planted out string bean vines
  • picked up another three bags of chicken feed
  • watched a short episode of chicken t.v.
  • paged through my latest issue of countryside magazine
  • chatted a bit with family
  • took step one towards the new garden layout
  • after all of the above, sat with mr. t supercat and enjoyed a beer
that's a good bit of work there. i actually did not finish everything in the daylight hours but pulled pretty close. opera was out with me which was nice. always good to have some company. so starts the weekend. at least i got a small bit of gardening taken care of. better a bit than none.


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