Friday, February 20, 2009

life of a chicken nest

well it looks like the new lady layers have really grown accustomed to relaxing in what was the nesting - egg laying - location. so much so that the nesting location is struggling to maintain its identity as a place for the necessary daily concentrations - egg laying that is which means that i may have to finally break down and build a few more formal egg laying chickeny nests.

up to now the ladies have been happy with the hutch idea but as new folk arrive so then do new needs.

i've tried to convince the new lady layers out of the hutch but that's where they like to go for the afternoon nap plain and simple. my efforts at convincing otherwise seem to be turned away. it's a done deal as far as they are concerned or so their habits illustrate. best to go with the flow. it's not my home, it is their own.

this is all fueling the feed towards my near future remodel of the chickeny coop and run. i've not got the spare time now to take it on but the moment i do, i will. the expansion plans are settled. there are no questions as to what the new design will be only when i can have it. for now the girls are doing just fine. they have more than enough room, plenty of roosting space. they may if they wish eeek out nesting space in the hutch as the new lady layers tend not to bother with any eggs left in the nest which is nice. in the short turn, i plan to whip up a nice plywood nest or two or three on sunday which should please all of the chickenychica's.

keeping me on my toes these babies are. if you pay attention, the creatures of the universe teach you all you need to know.


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