Tuesday, February 24, 2009

late night log ins

the days have been filled to the brim as of late on the work front. this is certainly not the first mention. even now i feel the stare into no where coming on - a sign of hearty exhaustion. none the less - long days aside - life at the hippychick universe powers on.

i want to say thank you to all the folks who have recently contacted me via email. your appreciation for the efforts made here mean a great deal. it's flattering to know my mistakes and success inspire others to consider ways in which they too may live a more simple and sustainable existence. baby steps folks, baby steps. they are absolutely valid and add up over time. the journey is the journey is the journey. make your own adventure a pleasant one and you too will find happiness.

well the hippychickenfarmer super-d-lovely egg business is really picking up. i'm already behind. i'm thinking... well guess what i'm thinking.... i'll give you one try. uh huh...
yes sir eeeeeee - more chickens

already i've been in touch with a local hatchery to see if i can get my hands on special heritage and rare breed chickens. if i'm going to add to my chicken population then i think it important to consider becoming a supporter of rare and/or endangered breeds. every step forward deserves pondering towards ultimate sustainability. the fun part about raising heritage and rare breeds is that many of the rarer breeds are absolutely beautiful and often lay interestingly tinted and/or colored eggs.

folks have also asked me if i would ever have laying ready pullets for sale. i could do that too. it will take some planning but it is certainly not out of the question. it's all a matter of being ready for the wee ones. timing timing timing

who knew word of mouth could go so far? i think it's great.

the other question i get every once in a while is - when are you going to write the book? uhhhggeeeiiiooooo - boy someone would really have to come forward with the cloning machine to make that happen anytime soon. maybe someday. it has crossed my mind but to tell you the truth, there might be folk out there better equipped for the writing of a book.

i just do my thing because it makes me happy, it allows me to know just where my food is coming from, i feel that i should be doing all that i am and then some but most of all, i believe in the good that comes from my efforts.

so no matter how sleepy or tired i may be, i keep a goin'. why? well i think when you find something that truly makes you happy, obstacles fall away and doors open.

cheers folk! somebody please get some sleep for me. please.

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