Saturday, February 21, 2009

happy for any bit of time with the creatures

oh boy it's a busy week - working at the university does that to a life - it sure makes one appreciate home time - for me, home time at the hippychick universe. some out there miss their kiddos during the day. i miss my creatures. i think about what they might be doing, if they are napping or awake, if they are warm and cozy or if they might be tearing it up while i'm away.

i still need to go into work today - students in technicals - but i've got a bit of the morning here and i've decided to make rounds of affection. scratches and conversations with everyone, water for the garden, an eye to eye discussion with big daddy roo and a little sit time just for me and mr. t while i type. it's nice and i'm happy to have any bit of it that i may.

there's much happening around the hippychick universe. we are as busy as ever. there are fruit trees blooming, radish a many picking picking, tomatoes forming and eggs a laying. this is the big grow time here in texas - cool enough to keep greens from bolting, warm enough for seeds to brave the evening temperature drop and if we are lucky the time of year when a bit of rain falls. the days where life begins again.

it's time to take advantage of fresh greens, snapping good baby carrots and cool fresh morning peas from the vine.
i've been lucky enough to lunch upon the green goods daily. pick it, pull it, wash it, pack it then eat it. nothing better. and boy the greens smell great when i open up my lunching container. i often sit and sniff just before digging in in order to enjoy the all around happiness of home grown goodies.
time for me to move on. have a great weekend!
over and out
roger roger dodger roger roger

keep it simple

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