Monday, February 2, 2009

greening of the hippychick universe

a pleasant thing, arriving home after a trip, to find the creatures happy, the neighbors happy and the gardens happy. happy and fruitful that is.

there were three eggs in the nest, the meaties are looking super plump and the garden beginning to overflow-eth.

i was blessed today with beautiful baby carrots, wintered over peppers, pink radish, white radish, gold radish and a bounty of greens of many a varied sort - beet greens, borage, red mustard, french red lettuce, chard, spinach and my throw it all together in one plot cut and come again mesclun mix.

i cannot get over these pink radish are they not the most beautiful radish you have ever seen? ooohee! they are for me.

looks like i'm in salad, veggies and eggs for a while. time to start experimenting with springy salad dressings. there are two standard ingredients to most all of my salads - feta cheese or goat cheese. if i've got my cheese, got my greens and i've got my veggies, i can often enjoy the meal with or without a dressing.

other favorites include a coarsely chopped soft boiled egg with a bit of coarse ground pepper or a dash of olive oil and a squeeze of a lemon. both are truly divine.

now that i've tapped into the carrot patch, its going to be tricky to keep my carrot hungry paws out of there. so to supplement my uncontrollable urge, i popped another package of carrots seeds into the ground today. ah i could do worse things in life. addiction to healthy veggies? i'll own that vice.

now that the past few weeks/month's crazy travel has passed, i've decided that it's time to get my running booty back into shape. i've been out for a while due to a nasty fall which lead to an ankle injury last october. my ankle injury still eiiks out an ouch here and there when i'm working around the yard and sometimes it blows up after a hard days work but i don't think i can take the not running thing much longer. running keeps me sane. i'm not a meditation type person, i'm physical. i've got to move it move it. so here's to hoping the ankle decides to play nice. better start filling those ice cube trays, superfun!

i'm not going to follow my usual path which is to sign up for some silly marathon and begin training with a no room - no time to fail mindset. rather, i'm going to try the running for pleasure plan. get out there, run a while, get a good look around, a good bit of fresh air, sing a few songs and sweat the blues away. it feels good already just in the typing of it. how's that?

i wonder if the folk i usually wave to miss my passing by? it may sound silly but there are folk i visually communicate with on every run even though i've never met them proper. maybe this time i'll stop, introduce myself, get to know them a bit so that i might greet them by name each day. sounds like a good idea to me.

neighbor and i spoke today. looks like this weekend will be the first butchering of several of the meaties. we were noticing that several of the roosters are beginning to have a tough time moving about; getting too heavy for their leg joints which usually means that it's time.

actually this fellow here in the photo is one of our smaller sized rooroos - not ready yet.

i thought i might be freaking out at the thought since this will be my first time butchering an animal i have personally raised for the purpose of eating but actually i think i'm ok. i have made it habit to remind myself each morning their given purpose. i say it in my mind several times and so far, it seems to be working. we will see how it goes when the weekend arrives but right now i'm feeling fine which is a very good sign.

you see, for me, this raising of the meaties was going to go one of two ways.
  • one - i raise the meaties, i take part in the butchering of the meaties, i get to eat the meaties.
  • two - i raise the meaties, i don't have the heart to take part in the butchering of the meaties which means that i eat no meaties of any kind until i learn how to take full responsibility for what i eat. i'd be a woman eating only eggs and veggies with a whole lot of wobbly looking meaties.
responsibility for my own food, that's what so much of this adventure is about. here we gooooo!

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