Tuesday, February 17, 2009

got cartons - we're in business

i decided a few days back to go forward with my hippyeggselling mini business plan.

a part of the plan requires fresh clean never contaminated eggy cartons so i ordered a batch from eggcartons.com and ' poof ' in days they arrive like magic. they are cute and quite useful. i ordered the packs that easily split from twelve egg size to six egg size in the case i gain a request for smaller orders. they've got all the necessary information printed in and about.
  • farm fresh eggs
  • nutritional information
  • storage reccomendations
they'll do the job just fine. so far i've sold all eggs by the dozen but if ever the request for a scant six comes, i'll be ready!

so all is well.

work has been steady and constant. carried quite a bit of stress with me through this day though i tried my best not to project it on others. the week is trucking along and there's much left to do. i'm feeling a bit of a cabbage head but life goes on. right now, i must admit, it's hard or rather relentless. better to have the work i remind myself. be thankful for what you've got.

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