Monday, February 9, 2009

give peace a chance

ughhh this is hard. watching the chickenchicas assert their order in the coop.

the new ladylayers are lucky to have one another to snuggle up to and huddle with. it's not horrific, the process, but i would rather practice the "all just get along" philosophy of peace and happiness.

there's been some back and forth and i think the new ladylayers definitely understand that they are not going to be living at the top of the totum pole. if ever i wondered, the pole looks something like this
  • at the top - queen saffron sunflower
  • next in line - freckles flirtasia
  • following third - alfredia sunshing
  • and the new ladylayers follow - their names to be revealed this week
i have pacified the coop for a small bit of time with an offering of freshly cut greens from the garden. a big pan full for the chickenchica's outside in the run and a smaller bit for the ladylayers inside - currently shacking up in the nesting area together.

i did pull some greens for king heinrich wabbit wabbit too - only fair.

one item of note - the new ladylayers seem to have no problem with my picking them up, giving them a little cuddle and placing them back down.

they are a sweet trio of girlygirls let's just hope their big sisters warm up their company as quickly as i have. big sisters are tough, boy! the only thing i am concerned about is the ladylayer's ability to get to water. i think they are ok but i'll check in later. if they look a bit parched, panting or any other such weak sign, then i'll send the older sisters out to the run, block the way and usher the young ladies to the waterer for some refreshment. i wonder... how long will this process last?

give peace a chance chickenchica's
give peace a chance
left - silver laced wyndotte
center - americauna
right - brown leghorn
beauties each and every one

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