Thursday, February 12, 2009

early mornin' til late in the eve'

busy time round here in the hippychick universe. you have to get up early to catch us. feeding chickens, feeding wabbit, giving the kittyboys their due attentions and caring for the garden.

the eggs are really coming in now and soon they'll
really be coming in. three a day works for me just fine, six a day will mean business is surely open.

i have thought recently about picking up a table at the farmers market to sell my eggs. not sure yet. i think i can do just fine word of mouth. in fact i'll be dropping off some eggs to folks today.

i don't know if the farmer's market is a good choice for me considering my wacko schedule. i think i may stick to the old fashioned friend of a friend of a friend process.

time to beg folks for more egg cartons.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chick. Your garden look good! I’m still a few weeks away from starting my seeds inside. Can just imagine how it must be to walk down the length of the garden picking out supper. Beets, peas, chard, cabbage, carrots, greens. I think I can see some cauliflower and a radish ready to go to seed.

Regarding radish, if you let a couple plants go to seed you will have an abundance of radish pods that are awesome eating. Radish was originally grown for the pods. Have you tried this?

Your cabbage looks beautiful, (I bet you haven’t heard that line before) do you have any pests that attack it when it gets hotter? We have a small white butterfly that will lay it’s eggs in the cabbage. If you don’t pick the eggs off, the caterpillars will chew holes in the outer leaves. More of a nuisance really, doing very little damage to the plant. When I was a kid, the odd one used to end up on the dinner plate, of course my sisters would be disgusted. My Dad would laugh and say, “What? You don’t like meat with your vegetables.”

Take care and stay cool.

shellywoman said...

i've got several radish that are going to seed. i've usually allowed them to do so to attract good bugs. i've never tried the pods. is it an eat raw thing or do you sautee' or what? sounds interesting. i'm game.

in turn, i just picked the last of my original cauliflower heads in order to keep it from going to seed. this is my first successful time around with cauliflower so i'm not sure if it will throw side sprouts like broccoli will or not? do you know? if not, i'll just pull it up, chop it up and treat it to the chickenchica's and wabbit wabbit.

thanks for checking in - how's the weather in your area of the hemisphere?

Anonymous said...

Hello again Chick. I eat radish pods raw but they probably could be added to a stir fry. They taste like a radish but milder. I grow a radish called French Breakfast. After the flowers drop off, pods will form very quickly. One plant gives an abundance. Let me know how it turns out.

Regarding radish combinations, there is no better than radishes and beer. My kids would dispute this, however, as the inevitable belching has an unpleasant aroma, or so I’ve been told.

Still below freezing. The lakes are frozen solid and it could snow anytime but the days are getting longer and it feels good.

Take care.