Saturday, February 7, 2009

dinner begins

well folks it is official - i am not bound to live a life as a vegetarian.

not been following this blog i see?
no problem, i'll catch you up.
  • raising meat chickens with two possible outcomes
  • butcher the chickens - live a life allowing chicken for dinner
  • no guts to butcher the chickens - live a life as a vegetarian with a whole lot of superfat chickens in tow.
i would bet you could guess that we butchered our first chickens today, coolio-neighbor and i. he was a sport teaching me the ropes - a good man. we kept it simple today, a small batch of four rooroos.

note of consideration
* * * * * * *
if this entry bothers you, then i suggest you move on at this time.
change your blog channel or visit a different hippychick entry.

it's ok, this kind of thing is not for everyone.

stop by another day and all will be well.

the processing went well - no photos today as it was just the two of us - no extra hands for camera. here's how it went. i promise to keep the graphics light.
  • neighbor waited while i chose and picked up each rooster
  • i held the rooster, talked to the rooster and petted the rooster until he calmed down which only took about a minute
  • i then said a little prayer and thanked the rooster looking at him in the eye so that he would know i am sincere in my wishes and i am if there are any doubters out there
  • i then walked him over to where we were processing
  • and we processed - enough said
we handled each chicken with great humanity. we did not bring the second, third or fourth around until the one prior had been completely taken care of.

neighbor and i both finished with two chickens each. today it was just four but boy these rooroos are huge! the two i walked with weigh in at 7 1/2lbs each.
that's no small potatoes in my world. dinner for a week on that little lovely for sure.

what will i do with them?

one is in the oven
one is in the freezer

thank you hippychickens of the unviverse.
27 more to go.

- i repeat my silent blessing -
thank you rooroos thank you


Miss Ash said...


You are a brave woman. I'm proud of you. I mean, I love the idea of eating my own natural meat. But.


Very good. I'm glad it went well.

shellywoman said...

as many native folk practice give thanks to those creatures that give of themselves to you - be it love, be it companionship, be it eggs, honey or otherwise. be thankful, be purposeful and do not waste the gifts you are given.