Monday, February 2, 2009

darkly darkly traveling beneath city's sulphur yellow glow
sun not risen
water's edge flattened plane
lumps and bumps in the road shake me wake me
neon signs come in sight
what's your life expectancy i quietly ask?
passing flick flick flicker flicker and goodbye

under the cover overhead protection ceiling protection made of concrete
ah protection is that protection? what an ouch as chips may fall
eyes still bleary
blast of cold
ssshoop thunk pass through a tunnel
whirring windy spindly windy vibration
kept keep away vibration kept keep away as whirring downly dies
conscious focus footsteps click clock, fip, fop, think, thunk, click clock fip fop think thunk clop
fluorescent overhead feels unnatural feels a bit dead not unwordly
why white? white clear white stiff solid turn away
tunnel vision tripping senses
sense the scent coffee brewed
carmeled popcorn, frankfurted dogs turning senses
power off

early early oh so early
stop to view sun's morning rise
another miracle another day
shall the sun yet rise again?
turn away and steady forward only two more gates to go
saunter forward seated downward setting coat upon the lap

dream of bedtime dream of comfort dream of sleep still sleep deprived
natural daylight ahhh bless the daylight
tuning out the morning's news
all the bad news, all the false news, spectacle unworthily unworthily
where is happiness? where are good deeds? where is positive positivity?

number called
respond as expected
sitting quietly closing eyes
thinking pondering
pondering drifting dream open eyes softly home
at just that moment, the most quiet moment
watch alarm sends forth alarm
sound sound sound
sound sound sound
sound sound sound
sound sound ...
aha and back, aha and back, something to drink? no thank you, no.

drifting quietly, drifting quietly, drifting qu...

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