Sunday, February 22, 2009

crunchy crispy spring leaves beneath my feet

crispy clean morning round the hippychick universe and life is good. no driving in to austintown today. we are able to enjoy a full day at home after a long stretch of workin' workin' workin'. now that does not mean that it's a slack day because it's not but i prefer to have much to do around here than anywhere else any ole' day.

as you can see here a bit of the rye grass that was planted to protect the outback garden bed has grown to great a great height. i've been out in the early mornings when i'm able trimming and chopping the greens up for the chickenchicas as they enjoy any leafy bits they can wrap their chickeny feet around. the good news is that this is the time of year when we are blessed with a bounty of leafy greens so they've been enjoying the good stuff each and every morning. wabbit too.

that's the itty strawberry patch in the foreground.

the chilly front we're experiencing this morning has really perked up wabbit wabbit. he was out hopping away this morning, kicking his feet and having a good ole' time. he stopped by my visiting spot for a scratch which cheered me as well. he's a sweet creature.
the potatoes and onions are doing quite well. they have not been planted all that long but they are strong, stout and growing with great vigor. it's very exciting to think about fluffy baby taters at dinner. it's also exciting to announce that this is truly the first time that i've had big success with the taters. i did alright last year but i think i've finally figured out when they should go in the ground, how much water, what type of soil is best, etc. though it's going on four years, i'm still figuring out this texas gardening schedule.

i still experience big surprises on a regular basis like this one!
take a good look here.
there are two tomatoes on this baby! i cannot believe it. i was worried that i had jumped the gun on the planting of these starters but clearly the tomato herself is plenty happy. every year i learn something new i tell ya.

the cabbages are really filling out. i swear there's a new leaf wrapped in the ball each morning i go out. i don't know how the plant grows so quickly but they do. it could a good day for another dose of fishyseaweed happiness. the feedings seem to do wonders not only in the feeding sense but they seem to repel a number of baddy bad bugs from the veggie patch and down here that matters since we rarely experience longer term killing freezes. all the bugs live nearly all the time so our practices have to be extra careful on the bug and pest side.

organic practices for me but as the saying goes, prevention is the best medicine.

the wee cabbage - soon to catch up with the earlier planted patch

well it's time i get myself back out there.
there are eggs to collect, plants to feed and chickens to butcher. i hope to get a batch of bread dough started as well. i'm aching for some homemade english muffins - they go great with the wonder eggs from the chickenychicas.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
later this very same day... 8:38pm

turned out to be a good one. chicken duties this morning, five fresh ones all but one cleaned, wrapped and chilling in the fridge.

one of the fresh chickens jumped into a pot joined by the company of chopped carrots, potatoes, celery, onion, zucchini, herbs and a baglunk baglunk of water. yup - soup party yi-freaking-hahhhh! amazing really, this one chicken turned out a total of 9 quarts of chicken soup. guess what i'm having for lunch this week. i portioned a good bit of the soup into eight smaller sized pint jars which are an easy size for travel. the rest of the soup stored in larger quart sized jars is cooling on the counter. once cooled it will move into the freezer for storage. i don't yet have a handy dandy pressure cooker so freezing will have to do. it works!

i had the pleasure today of joining friends for a spaghetti lunchy-dinner fund raiser. it turned out to be quite lovely. it was a sit down event in the company of a good number of fine neighborly folk. we enjoyed salad, spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, a piece of cake a cup of iced tea and hot coffee. i could not have asked for more. the portions were perfect for a light afternoon lunch. the cake was super yummy, whip cream and all. it was very special.

the rest of day was spent cooking and jarring up the soup. i spent time reading in between duties. it was a surprise to look out the window at one point to see that it had gone dark. so i put the meatie chickens to bed (nine more to go), turned down the chickenchicas (eggy hens) radio, let mr opera kitty inside and tucked everything away. the dishes are cleaned and put away. the laundry is on the line drying. my body is now sitting happily in bed and i'm soon to doze off.

if for only one afternoon off this week, it was a good one.
nighty-nite folk
a well deserved sleep awaits...

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